AI in Fintech - The Power of Personalization

The future is shaped by automation and AI. We invite the best talent to participate in one of Cyprus's grandest hackathons - To envision, craft, and develop pioneering solutions in the industry.

The Warehouse by IT Quarter June 15th & 16th, 2024

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This year’s HackAIthon event focuses on personalization in fintech. With a focus on personalized solutions in fintech powered by AI, contestants will innovate in the areas of education, trading, AR/VR supported experiences, and more. Open to developers, financial experts, and designers, we aim to create impactful, user-friendly solutions that leverage personalization to redefine the future of finance.

the ai challenge

Personalization in Trading. Create AI voice assistants, social networking features, and chatbots for personalized fintech, adapting to user behaviors and preferences.
Use AR and VR technologies to blend digital and physical realms in finance, tailoring immersive experiences to trading behaviors and preferences.
Develop an AI-driven financial education system, with adaptive modules for personalized learning and simulations, using diverse datasets.
Bring your own idea
Submit groundbreaking fintech ideas focused on personalization and AI to transform the industry. Proposals will be admitted pending approval by the organizing committee.

the hackaithon timeline

  • APRIL 15th

    Registration Opens

  • MAY 15th

    Online Portal for Virtual Team-Ups Opens

  • MAY 30th

    Registration Closes

  • JUNE 15th

    HackAIthon Starts

  • JUNE 16th

    Awards Ceremony

Participation Rules

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  • Eligibility: Open to individuals with a background in development, finance, UI/UX design, data analysis, engineering, compliance, or students with an interest in fintech, AI, AR/VR, and more.
  • Team Formation: Teams of 2-5 members can form prior to or during the event. Idea submission required for team formation.
  • Equipment: Participants must bring their own equipment, including any necessary AR/VR gear - if applicable.
  • Registration: Mandatory pre-event registration, detailing participant specialization and team status.
  • Project Development: Projects must be original and developed during the hackathon. Existing projects are not permitted.

General Rules


Open to developers, financial experts, UI/UX designers, data analysts, process engineers, compliance specialists, and students with interests in fintech, AI, AR/VR, and related fields.

Team Formation

  • Teams can be formed prior to the event or during the designated team formation period.
  • Each team must consist of 2 to 5 members to ensure diversity and manageability.
  • All ideas must be submitted to the designated board or Slack channel before the start of the hackathon for team formation purposes.
  • If you don’t have a team, you can form one or join one during the event.


All participants must bring their own equipment, including VR/AR gear that may be required for the development of the product.


All participants must register for the event before the specified deadline. Registration details must include participant specialization, a brief summary of interests, and whether they belong in a team or would like to join one.

Project Origination and Development

Projects must be original works developed during the hackathon. Pre-existing projects or significant development work done prior to the hackathon's start are not permitted. Preliminary brainstorming, research, or learning about technologies is allowed, but substantial coding, design, or development work before the event is not.

Project Submission

All projects must be submitted by the deadline on Day 2. Submissions must include a final presentation, any relevant links to demos or repositories, and a brief project description.

Preliminary Screening

The teams must initially send a link to their product and a 1-minute pitching video, alongside a description of their product in 150 words max. A number of teams will be shortlisted to present before the judges and answer questions.

Pitch Presentation

  • A link to the product.
  • A description of the product or idea (in 150 words or less).
  • A 1 minute video presentation pitching the product.
  • Each shortlisted team that is presenting before the judges team will have 5 minutes to pitch their project and 3 minutes to answer questions from the judges.
  • Presentations must clearly articulate the problem addressed, the solution proposed, and the impact of the solution.


Participants are encouraged to engage with mentors throughout the event for guidance and advice. Meetings with mentors after the project submission are intended to help refine pitches and address last-minute questions.

Conduct and Ethics

Respect and Inclusivity

All participants are expected to conduct themselves respectfully, fostering an inclusive, collaborative environment. Harassment, discrimination, and any form of disrespectful behavior will result in immediate disqualification and removal from the event.

Intellectual Property

Participants retain ownership of any and all intellectual property developed during the hackathon. By submitting a project, teams grant the organizers permission to use project descriptions, images, and materials for promotional purposes.

Fair Play

Participants are expected to adhere to the highest standards of integrity and fairness. Any form of plagiarism, dishonesty, or unethical behavior will lead to disqualification.

Judging and Awards


Projects will be judged on innovation, technical sophistication, user impact, and presentation quality. Additional points will be awarded for creativity, effective use of provided APIs/data, and alignment with the theme of fintech personalization.


Prizes will be awarded to the top teams as determined by the judges. Special awards will be announced (if available) prior to the event. Such awards may be awarded to teams that were not shortlisted/qualified to the finals.


Judges and mentors will provide constructive feedback to all participating teams, regardless of the competition outcome.

The hackaithon program

The HackAIthon is split over two days, check below to see the full agenda.
There will be complimentary food and drinks served throughout both days.
08:30 - 09:15
Registrations & Networking
09:15 - 10:15
Opening Ceremony & Welcoming Remarks
[Main Stage]
10:15 - 11:00
Google Keynote Speech -
Andrey Aleksukhin, Industry Manager, Fintech at Google
[Main Stage]
11:00 - 11:45
Keynote Speech -
Alexey Gubarev, Co-Founder & Board Member at Palta
[Main Stage]
12:00 - 12:45
Tech Talk #1 -
Maria Terzi, Co-Founder & CEO at Malloc
[Connection Stage]
12:45 - 13:30
Networking & Light Lunch
[Lounge Area]
18:00 - 18:45
Tech Talk #2 -
Ivan Sysoev, Business Unit Chief AI Officer at Quadcode
[Connection Stage]
Evening Networking
[Lounge Area]

The hackaithon prizes

This HackAIthon offers prizes and rewards for exceptional innovation, featuring a 1st place prize of €30,000 in cash, a 2nd place prize of €7,500 in non-monetary rewards, and a 3rd place prize valued at €2,500 in non-monetary rewards.







Meet our Jury

Sergei Dobrovolskii
CEO, Founder at Quadcode
Felix Vladimirsky
Chief Revenue Officer at Quadcode
Michael Tyrimos
Managing Director at Capacitor Partners
Maria Terzi
Co-Founder & CEO of Malloc
Stylianos Lambrou
Founder & CEO at Heart Group
Nicolas Mesaritis
Tetyana Romanyukha
General Manager at TechIsland
Elena Dolya
CAO at AdTech Holding

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JUNE 15-16, 2024


The Warehouse by IT Quarter, Limassol, Cyprus


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JUNE 15th-16th, 2024, The Warehouse by IT Quarter, Limassol.

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